By popular demand to make REBOOT more accessible to a wider range of military, veterans, ROTC, and Guardsmen, earlier this year we implemented a one-day version of the REBOOT WorkshopTM as alternative to the full three-week workshop.

This One-Day REBOOT Your Life Seminar™ is based on our highly successful military to civilian REBOOT Workshop™, that focuses on three critical areas of a successful transition: Personal Transition, Lifestyle Transition & Career Transition.

The seminar addresses the personal and social aspects of transition to civilian life by using research-based, outcome-driven methods drawn from the best practices in career planning and cognitive-behavioral techniques.

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Maurice Wilson

Maurice Wilson

Results-driven visionary with 20 years experience driving dramatic results in the non-profit community-based organization social services sector. Consistently overcomes complex business challenges and makes high-stakes decisions within fast-paced, high-pressure environments using experience-backed judgment, innovation, strong work ethic, humor, and irreproachable integrity. Specialties: Communication, organizational development, planning, business development, collaboration, social networks, marketing, fundraising, fiscal management and implementation.