We are pleased to offer transitioning active duty, recently separated service members, guard/reserves, veterans, and spouses a seat in the world’s only reverse-boot camp called the REBOOT Workshop. To make this program available we partnered with the most prominent leading transition specialist’s in the country to provide you with the best-in-class transition management tools available.

Transition & Reintegration

Here we focus on your journey from the military ecosystem to civilian reintegration.

Career & Workforce Development

Finding your career fit is an important step. We help you find your fit.

Benefits & Community Resources

Finding and connecting to resources helps you settle in to your new life.

Health & Wellness

Living a healthy and joyous life is essential to feeling like you belong. We'll help stay fit.

Peer-2-Peer Support

Connecting with others who share your values and understand what you have been through is important.

Family Support

Taking care of your family is your top priority. We'll help connect you to other family's who are also starting over.

Programs & Services We Provide

With over 10 years experience as military-to-civilian transition specialists we recommend starting as early as 2-years before separation to ensure your successful transition. Our services are at no-cost and are offered online, virtual, and in person where applicable. Here are just a few of the things you get when you choose our process.

Manage Your Transition

Manage Your Transition

Helps separating active duty successfully manage their transition by automating their transition process.

REBOOT Workshop

REBOOT Workshop

Three-week reverse-boot camp designed to assist veterans in reframing their mindset from military service (culture) to civilian life.

Veteran AI Job Matching app

Veteran AI Job Matching app

Matches service members, veterans, and spouses with jobs & careers through the use of competency-based profiles in under 5 minutes.

OPERATION Skillbridge

OPERATION Skillbridge

Is an industry-driven community-led initiative to reboot the careers of active duty military and veterans through upskilling/reskilling.

Virtual Coaching Network

Virtual Coaching Network

TaskHuman app provides veterans with live 1:1 coaching via video call from hundreds of vetted professionals.

Weekly Musters

Weekly Musters

Are designed to connect veterans with their peers for ongoing monitoring, support, and self-evaluation.

OPERATION Vetrapreneur

OV is a process to help prepare you to become an entrepreneur by walking you through the 7 stages of starting a business.

Veteran Wellness app

Keeps you focused on your wellness and connected to community resources.

Successful post-military careers start here.

Our MISSION is to REBOOT the Lives and Careers of Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, and Spouses

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The most researched aspect of separation from the military is the transition process. Countless articles, instructions, research papers, seminars, and workshops all focus on how one should plan, and execute their transition. The Department of Defense has developed a transition “check sheet,” an online course to help plan the transition, and provides transition advice during the Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Additionally, numerous military service providers have published transition “how to guides” and conducted countless transition research studies. However, until now, no one has developed a tool to assist transitioning service members in automating the transition process. Several antidotal surveys of senior military members reveal a sense of feeling overloaded by the additional “transition” tasks that conflicts with their mission and primary duties.

Transitioning from military to civilian life can feel overwhelming given the long list of things to do. To assist separating service members (and spouses) with the transition, we sought input from over 3500 veterans and other resources to create a timeline that helps them get started on the right track. The result is the automation of the DoD Managing Your Transition Timeline chart into the MYTT365.online app (www.mytt365.online). Like it’s document-based cousin, the app tracks all 55 tasks identified by the DoD.

The Managing Your Transition Timeline 365 (MYTT365) app supports separating service members, veterans, and spouses. It is conveniently available via desktop, smartphone, and iPad, and automatically tracks: Separation date, 55 Transition Tasks, Appointments, Documents, Community Resources, Benefits, and Goals. Additionally, the app generates user-defined auto reminders, and features “how to” videos on various topics presented by experts in transition. The app also has the capability of linking members with local resources and provides them with information on benefits, best places for veterans to live, and news & information on current trends.

Future versions will include interactive forms completion & sharing; connections to live coaches via video feed; career assessment and job matching; an interactive financial management system, goal tracker, and wellness monitor. Also in consideration is the ability to customize the app by adding additional tasks.