Successful people depend on a healthy, well-equipped mindset as much (or more) than they rely on their leadership skillset. In fact, most leaders know that their unique knowledge or business skillset alone won’t lead them to success.  Your set of attitudes & beliefs about your professional role, yourself, your team and the company you represent are all areas of mind-set that are vital to your overall success.

Getting to the root cause issues that result in individual and organizational under-functioning is the prime focus of Thought Patterns for High Performance. For 50 years, The Pacific Institute has been employing the concepts and tools reflected in this program with organizations in which excellence is the goal – from Fortune 10 companies to small businesses, educators, entrepreneurs, as well as Olympic and professional athletes.

Change the way you think to maximize mental clarity and the ability to self-regulate at ever-higher levels of excellence to move QUICKLY toward established life goals.  Join us to discover, uncover and flourish

  • Create Lasting Change in Yourself, to Drive Change Around You
    Thought Patterns for High Performance provides scientifically driven and internationally proven mind-setting tools and techniques that help people, teams & orgs to identify and understand that they are limited not by their potential, but by their ability to use their potential.
  • Optimize Individual, Team & Organizational Performance
    Learn why lasting change starts first on the inside and then moves outwards. To drive lasting change, you don’t manipulate the environment and how you must modify the foundation of beliefs, habits and expectations to drive new levels of your performance.
  • Identify & Lower Levels of Stress & Anxiety
    Often the pressures of change hold us back, fearing that we can’t change. Reduce anxiety by thinking differently– see change as an opportunity to grow- and believe that we can be the best that we can be, regardless of the changes and obstacles we face.

It’s All In Your Mindset.

  • August 2 -13 @ 10 A.M. -12 P.M. Eastern/Session Days: M, T, W, F, M, W, F
  • Sep 27 – Oct 8 @ 10 A.M. -12 P.M. Eastern/Session Days: M, W, F, M, W, TH, F
  • Dec 1 – 15 @ 10 A.M. -12 P.M. Eastern/Session Days: W, F, M, W, F, M, W

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