Veterans continue to face a number of reintegration challenges when returning home, including physiological and behavioral disorders, feelings of isolation, broken identity, cultural gaps between military and civilian life, limited professional and social networks, lack of civilian work experience, translating military experience into civilian job skills, and veteran suicide.

Whereas military service builds important personal characteristics, practical skills, and professional experience, translating these to facilitate transition into civilian life has been the challenge. Surveys reveal that 81% of separating service members do not feel “fully prepared for the process of entering the job market” and 76% report “an inability to effectively translate their military skills into civilian terms.”

The above findings suggest that the lack of resiliency training as one of the leading causes of failure in returning service members and calls for a program that helps them build upon their military training and skills to help them redefine their personal identity, purpose in life, and desired occupation after service.

To answer the call NVTSI is presenting the REBOOT Workshop™, a three-week, cohort-based program that builds the emotional, psychological, social, and professional skills necessary for successful reintegration into civilian life. Developed by the National Veterans Transition Services, Inc., the seminar’s insightful and personalized approach to reintegration utilizes cognitive restructuring to help veterans redefine their life – from the inside out for a successful transition home.

OVERVIEW –  Make the social and career transition from years of service by “re-booting” your skills. REBOOT Workshops™ feature three weeks of behavior-based education designed to enhance and build upon your training, experience, and skills to prepare you for life after the military.

  • Week 1: RELEARN – The focus of Week 1 is Personal Transition. You will build your understanding of how your mind works, and how you can control the way you think to achieve success—in any part of your life that you desire.
  • Week 2: REBUILD – Week 2 is all about Lifestyle Transition. Designed specifically for the military to civilian transition, the sessions will help you design and create the road map and foundation to your life plan and future. The material and workbook will walk you through five steps and 20 exercises where you will develop a personal life plan that aligns your personal vision, mission, and experience with your passions and skills to achieve a successful and happy life for you and your family.
  • Week 3: REBRAND – Week 3 centers on Career Transition. Designed to help you define your career passion and goals. Topics include Acing the Interview, The College-Bound Veteran, Setting Your Career Goals, What Color is Your Parachute—Planning Your Next Move, Do What You Are, Social Networking, and more.

The REBOOT Workshop™ approach to learning is very different from the traditional training model. Traditional training typically involves highly structured information delivery, usually in lecture format, where students read or listen to the material, take notes, ask questions, and are expected to retain the information for testing. The REBOOT approach to learning might be different than what you are used to. During this reflective and engaging three-week workshop, you will find that:

  • You are a participant in the process, not a just a “student.”
  • The learning is based on your experience and future desires.
  • There are no tests. We look at many perspectives.
  • The goal is to increase your Personal Mastery—understanding of yourself, others, and the environment around you—through reflection, dialogue, discovery, documentation, and the application of Cognitive Behavioral processes that impact the thought process of discovery of the entire life-wheel and personal development.

The outcome is generative learning that can be used throughout your lifetime.

What should I expect?

Through reflections, exercises, and discussions with your workshop partners and facilitators, you will learn about yourself and your environment as you strive to redefine your life and your goals and aspirations. As a result, you will personally develop in all areas, enabling you to be in charge of living a balanced life of purpose, meaning, and happiness for you, your family, and your friends. The Facilitators do not have the answers. In fact there are many right answers. You have the answers inside of you and will also find them within your workshop partners. They are sometimes deep inside and need time to surface.

Trust the process and enjoy the journey. Your learning will build throughout each week and you will develop insights over time. You are reprogramming the way you think and interact with each other and the world. You will continue to discover things about yourself, and your future possibilities after the workshop and into the future. The results will amaze you.


When participating in this program, please enhance your experience by doing the following:

  • Attend all days of the workshop and be punctual. Please schedule appointments around the workshop. Workshops are held in San Diego and Oceanside, Monday through Friday from 0900 to 1600. Uniform is business casual.
  • Have an open mind for learning.
  • Possess the willingness to participate and be engaged.
  • Be respectful of other students and Facilitators.
  • Understand the cross-participant learning that takes place between students.
  • Begin building a support group with classmates.
  • Apply the learning to your future life planning.
  • Have fun in the learning process.
  • Participate in Post Workshop activities.
  • Provide honest feedback about the classes.


  1. Week One Student Resource Guide
  2. Week Two Student Resource Guide
  3. Week Three Student Resource Guide

About Your Facilitators
REBOOT Workshop™ Facilitators lead highly interactive cognitive behavioral dialogue, discussion, and exercises with the participants for each training module. They are experienced in the areas of organizational development, team-building, facilitation, and human performance.

Key characteristics of the Facilitators:

  • Have a positive attitude of what is possible for others and an interest in personal development for each student.
  • Are passionate about our Military Veterans and their future life planning.
  • Able to create excitement while engaging 15-25 participants in the learning process (group discussion style).
  • Energize the process of learning, teamwork, and camaraderie between participants.
  • Motivate and encourage students to get involved in the discussion and exercises.
  • Typically possess military experience.
  • Create a learning environment of appreciation and discovery.
  • Help students uncover their passion, talent, strengths, and purpose in life.
  • Relate short stories or examples to the learning objectives.
  • Ensure balanced participation where each student feels part of the process.
  • Are dedicated to filling the role of“coach” for students.


  • Job placement assistance through partnering agencies
  • On-going support and case management with Career Transition Coach
  • Monitoring for success
  • Refresher seminars Social networking (LinkedIn REBOOT Alumni)

To sign up for REBOOT Workshop™, please go to TAD orders are required. We will collect your TAD orders prior to the beginning of the workshop and return them upon final graduation.

Please note that service members with less than 120 days remaining on active service have head of the line.

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National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. aka REBOOT

REBOOT is a program of the National Veterans Transition Services, Inc. (NVTSI). NVTSI is a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to assisting veterans in adjusting to civilian life and securing meaningful employment by combining best-practice performance social solutions and techniques. The organization provides returning service members and veterans with a social and career transition workshop program called “REBOOT.”
NVTSI was established by a group of retired high ranking Naval and Marine Corps officers and workforce development professionals who seek to fill a tremendous gap in the continuum of veteran services. For more information, visit